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Our Work


Our work helps organizations understand their social purpose in the digital age.


We channel our woke creative force into developing social impact innovations that focus on gender equality and present sustainable interventions for both our tribe and the organizations.


Digital x Girl

x absa

"How do we empower the next generation of teenage girls to rule the digital realm?"

We co-created this dialogue to engage teenage girls' thoughts on the digital revolution.


Digital Girl x Superbalist

We created four t-shirt designs inspired by our mission to empower women and girls in the digital economy.


Digital Girl x Domestic Workers

x sadsawu, udwosa, oxfam south africa

Together with domestic workers trade unions we created a platform to consolidate information and action concerning the human rights of domestic workers in South Africa.

Crisis of Care a free online counseling service by Black Womxn Caucus. We were thrilled to help co-design the system that would provide this system as quick as possible.

x superbalist

Digital Girl x Gender Based Violence

x black womxn caucus



Digital Girl x African Commission

x coalition for the independence of the African commission

The Coalition of the Independence of the African Commission is a collective of organizations and individuals who seek to protect and defend the independence of the ACHPR.