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Tech Chic is an online publication committed to sharing perspectives from women and other marginalized communities in tech. We are bringing tech news that is futuristic, untold and non-binary.

Our focus is on tech stories that are futuristic, untold and non-binary. Our vision is to become widely known as an editorial platform that champions women's voices and experiences in the tech world. We write in a tone of voice that is accessible, conversational, compassionate, progressive and punchy.

Our editorial team aims:

  • We will  share stories and perspectives that people cannot find anywhere else

  • We will tell people-focused stories that represent the diversity of the human experience and spotlight unheard voices

  • We will always seek the truth and apply journalistic rigour throughout our editing and publishing processes

  • We will always prioritise quality content over clickbait

  • We will continue to learn from others

  • We will not be afraid to have fun!

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